March 6, 2017

Sponsor Application

Engage your brand with the greater Boston community and have your brand be part of the matsuri excitement!

Japan Festival Boston is a highly anticipated annual event held in the heart of Boston, bringing real, tangible Japanese culture to the United States. This “Matsuri”, or festival, began in 2012 with just 10,000 attendees. With overwhelming response and support from the community, in 2015 we saw 30,000 attendees, and then last year 2016, attendance swelled to 60,000, making Japan Festival Boston one of the biggest cultural events on the East Coast. The festival will take place in Boston Common on April 30 this year.

Our mission is ensure that Japan Festival Boston continues for at least 100 years, bringing the community together and allow everyone to experience authentic Japanese culture right here in Boston. We hope to grow our educational workshops so that more people can experience Japanese culture in a very fun, exciting way.

We deeply value your support, and humbly ask for your help in realizing our mission. Become a sponsor today of the 2017 Japanese Festival Boston, and engage with our unique attendees who have gathered from all over with great interest in Japanese culture. It is an amazing chance to appeal to a broad audience your contribution to the Boston Community. Expose your goods and services to the dynamic, diverse base of attendees numbering in the tens of thousands every year.

Our captive audience simply awaits you, to see and experience what your business has to offer.

For sponsorship options please fill out the form below or contact Miho Owens via phone or email you can find below.

We greatly appreciate your contribution, and become a part of one of the largest cultural events on the East Coast today!

Contact: Miho Owens
Phone number: 781-728-5739