Oshogatsu @ Boston Children’s Museum

Hi everyone! Boston Children’s Museum is hosting Oshogatsu– Japanese New Years! They will be showcasing the traditions surrounding Japanese New Years, with live performances, food, and demonstrations. Events include the shishimai Lion dance, Mochi making, and traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. For more information, visit their website– we hope to see you there!   -Kei

Celebration of the Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor- Massachusetts State House, Dec. 1, 2016

Japan Festival Boston had a booth promoting Japan Festival at the Celebration of the Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor on December 1, 2016- Participating members at the booth included myself (Kei), Yumi, (second left) and Akiko (pictured left). Michi, the MC from last year’s event as well as Miyo, our volunteer coordinator came to visit[…]

kei interview circle

Staff Interview#2: Kei

Vol.02 – Bringing together the community to #FindYourJapan and bring a “matsuri” tradition to Boston Sasaki Kei Social Media, Media Production, Logistics and Fundraising, Translation Kei is in the Logistics and Fundraising team, Social Media team, Production team, and workshop team- she attends MassArt and studies ceramics. You can see her work at her website,[…]