March 25, 2015

Food booths

2016 guide is ready to be downloaded now! Click here (3 PDF pages, 2.9 MB).


Food booths will only take cash.

Those who donated at our gofundme page and selected Fast Lane Pass, please pick up your pass at Information booth A along with an identification. Look for the following sign for participated food vendors and enjoy!


Name Menu (can change without notice)
1 Ogawa Coffee Coffee
2 ROYCE’ Boston NAMA Chocolate
3 Beard Papa’s Boston Mini cream puffs
4 Chatime Boston Lady M Signature Mille Crepe Slice
5 EBISUYA Japanese snack Japanese snack
6 Japanese Sweet Daifuku mochi
7 Soba Salad Soba-salad, edamame
8 Go!Go!Curry! Japanese curry & rice
9 Wasan Fried Chicken & Uni Potato Salad
10 Batten Ramen Dumplings, salt-style yakisoba
11 Yoki Corn on the cob, Chicken on skewer, water
12 Ebisuya Okonomiyaki
13 Ganko Ittetsu Ramen Takoyaki, yakisoba
14 Oga’s Japanese Cuisine Grilled squid, grilled scallops, pork kabob
15 Izakaya Ittoku
Fried chicken wings, grilled steak
16 Itadaki Gyudon, oshiruko (dessert), ramune drink, water
17 Hana Japan Teriyaki burger, grilled pork burger
18 Snappy Ramen All-natural veggie ramen
19 Naruto Ramen
Rice balls, pork and chicken-broth ramen, Ramen bread
20 Nico Shio ramen
21 Butanchu Tonkotsu (pork-based) ramen
22 Yume Wo Katare Mixed soba, water, tea


**Visitors, stage performers, and others at this festival will take videos, photos, and other media which may be posted online, in print, and in other mediums. It is possible that exhibitors’ booths may be captured in the aforementioned photos, videos, etc. Please be advised that by agreeing to participate in this festival, you are also consenting to being photographed and/or videotaped.**