March 25, 2015

Food booths



Food booths will only take cash.

Those who donated at our Indiegogo page and selected Fast Lane Pass, please pick up your pass at Information booth A along with an identification. Look for this sign for participated food vendors and enjoy!

Download this year’s Event Guide here (4 pages, 1.5MB).

 Location Restaurant Menu (subject to change)
1 Yume Wo Katare x Fukushima Katsuo Tsukemen (noodle with dipped sauce)
2 Yume Wo Katare Maze soba (mixed noodle)
3 Yume Wo Katare Mentai (cod-roe) mayo dogs, Cha-xiu (BBQ pork) dogs
4 Yume Wo Katare Japanese sweets
5 Yume Wo Katare Japanese tea
6 Yume Wo Katare Curry udon
7 TSURU MEN Doteyaki, dotesoba (beef & miso-based)
8 Buttanchu Tonkotsu ramen
9 Ramen Nikkou Shio-ramen
10 Snappy Ramen Tokyo chicken ramen
11 Snappy Ramen Tomato vegetable ramen
12 Santouka Ramen
13 Lady M Red bean mille crepes and signature mille crepes
14 Beard Papa’s Mini cream puff, fondant cake, Itoen tea, ramune drink and chatime bubble tea
15 ROYCE’ Chocolate Nama chocolate, chocolate chips, almond chocolate, fruit bar and matcha bar
16 Ogawa Coffee Coffee
17 Rice Burg Rice burgers
18 Wasan Pork cutlet buns
19 GoGoCurry Japanese curry, water/green tea
20 Kushiya Grilled pork/scallops/squid/shrimps
21 Ganko Ittetsu Yakisoba, takoyaki
22 Pabu Izakaya Spicy tuna temaki and spicy salmon temaki sushi
23 Aina Grindz Spam musubi, Loco Moco, aloha chicken salad, fried wontons
24 Love Art Sushi Marinated hamachi chirashi don, Inari and wakame salad don, sakura orange cold brew jasmine tea, iced matcha latte
25 YOKI EXPRESS Poke bowl (salmon and tuna)
26 Hana Japan Yakitori, yakisoba
27 Cafe Mami Japanese fired chicken
28 Izakaya Ittoku Omusoba (omelette soba)
29 Sakanaya Rice balls, fried chicken, red bean buns, cream buns, daifuku, green tea pokeys, water
30 Itadaki Gyudon, red bean soup (dessert), shoved ice
31 Neponset Cafe Matcha Ice Latte, fruit ice tea, chicken and beef teriyaki sticks
32 Big Rock Oyster Oysters and little clams in Japanese sauce
33 Daiei Trading Soba
34 Daiei Trading Fried shrimp balls
35 Hiromoto’s Ultra Okonomiyaki Okonomiyaki
36 Hiromoto’s Ultra Candy Shop Ramune drinks, Calpis drinks, Pokey snacks
37 Maid Cafe Coffee
**Visitors, stage performers, and others at this festival will take videos, photos, and other media which may be posted online, in print, and in other mediums. It is possible that exhibitors’ booths may be captured in the aforementioned photos, videos, etc. Please be advised that by agreeing to participate in this festival, you are also consenting to being photographed and/or videotaped.**