April 7, 2016


This year’s guide is ready now! Download here (4 pages, 1.5MB).

Stage 1 (Tokyo) Schedule

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(The time is subject to change)

Time Artist Name Category
11:00 Opening ceremony
11:10 Berklee-Boston Conservatory Recording Orchestra (BBCRO) Video game/Cartoon
11:55 Mao Soné “Expressions On The Melody Of Kokiriko” Jazz/Folk
12:30 No/Hugs Rock/Pop
1:00 Ai’s “Sakura” Band Pop/Traditional
1:25 SkyBridge World
1:40 Shinji Harada *Due to sudden illness, Mr. Harada will not be able to perform at this time. We apologize for the short notice.* J-Pop/World
1:55 Ayame ~The art of Dance and Drum in Kimono~ Traditional/Contemporary dance
2:25 JAL raffle 1
2:35 Hiroko Watanabe Calligraphy
3:05 Cosplay Death Match Cosplay
3:30 Kitanodai Gagaku Ensemble Traditional Dance
4:00 Shinkendo Boston Kendo/Samurai
4:20 Showa Boston Traditional Dance
4:30 ODM J-Pop Dance Team Idol dance
4:45 TMH Dance Performance Crew Dance
5:00 JAL raffle 2
5:10 Wellesley Aiko Taiko
5:30 Kurata Michiko/Hanayagi Sukekatsumi Bonodori

Stage 2 (Kyoto) Schedule

Time Artist Name Category
11:50 Opening ceremony
12:00 MOVE AND INSPIRE Kids dance
12:20 Arlington Nagaokakyo Exchange Students Traditional dance
12:35 JLS Kids Kids dance
12:50 Kinouno-yoru Anime music
1:35 Samuraido stunt action team Samurai
2:10 Kodokan Boston Karate
2:25 Ryota Matsui J-Pop
3:00 Kimono Show Kimono
3:20 Sushi Planet Cosplay/Pop
3:45 Tomoki Sanders Enka/folk
4:00 Sei – Miku Hatsune Cosplay
4:10 CosplayGame: Are You Smarter Than A Cosplayer? Cosplay
4:45 Cosplay Raffle Cosplay
5:00 Finale


**Visitors, stage performers, and others at this festival will take videos, photos, and other media which may be posted online, in print, and in other mediums. It is possible that exhibitors’ booths may be captured in the aforementioned photos, videos, etc. Please be advised that by agreeing to participate in this festival, you are also consenting to being photographed and/or videotaped.**