Sponsor Message Vol.1: Japan Airlines


We’d like to introduce to everyone our sponsor JAPAN AIRLINES! Everyone recognizes when they see “JAL”, and surely many of you have flown from Boston to Japan with their airline. On event day, they will host an Origami Paper Airplane class and will be hosting a VR (Virtual Reality) experience. If anyone is traveling to Japan this year, please have a wonderful trip and fly with JAL!

■ Corporate Info: JAL operates scheduled and non-scheduled international and domestic passenger and cargo services. On April 2012, opened a direct flight route from Boston to Japan. We introduced the latest Boeing 787-9 on June 2016, providing a comfortable flight experience.This April, a direct flight route from Boston to Japan will welcome its 5th anniversary.


■ Message to everyone: In addition to the JAL Origami paper airplane class that was well received last year, we will be hosting a VR (Virtual Reality) experience where you can experience JAL’s merchandise and service on the spot. Also, thanks to everyone’s warm support, our Boston-Narita line will celebrate its 5th anniversary this April. We are planning on distributing our goods with a custom logo specifically created for the 5th anniversary of the Boston-Narita line, which will feature the Boston famous Lobster (which are actually carried as cargo on our Boston line). We hope to see you at our JAL booth!