Staff Interview Vol.1: Yuki

Vol.01 – To bring a festival experience that lets you #FindYourJapan

Kihara Yuki

Social Media, Marketing and Cosplay Event Coordinator

yuki cosplay event coordinatorOur first staff interview, we want to spotlight Yuki K.- she is our social media, and marketing expert, and she also is the one who organizes the cosplay events. She has been on the driving committee since 2014, and has been the catalyst for bringing new ideas and content, as well as bringing the Festival a breath of fresh air!

A city where I meet new people and faced with new experiences and challenges. 

Q. What does the city of Boston mean to you?

A: I live outside of MA, but Boston is a city where I’ve met so many incredible people. It’s been only a couple of years since I’ve started commuting to MA, and Boston has already provided me with so many memories and experiences. Boston is a place where I can be challenged, inspired, and enjoy the beautiful sights and historical landmarks.

Japan Festival Boston- a fun challenge. 

%e3%82%b3%e3%82%b9%e3%83%97%e3%83%ac%ef%bc%92Q. What motivated you to be involved with Japan Festival?

A. When I heard about it, my immediate response was, “Wow. That sounds like so much fun!”. I was presented with the opportunity to plan a cosplay event which led to me working with Japan Festival. This past event grew enough to have a cosplay contest on stage! As our festival expands, we’re constantly thinking about how to develop next year’s event, what prizes we should offer, and how we can make the event more fun for everyone. I’m always having fun thinking about future events, and I’m always challenging myself to have as much fun as possible when planning them and running these events. Japan Festival is run by many people, each having their own skills, talents, and experiences; coming together to bring the festival together. I wanted to help out with my experience in marketing, graphic design, web design and management, as well as cosplay. I’m doing what I love and am interested in, and I couldn’t have had a better experience with the festival.

I want you to find the Japan that YOU love

yuki-kiharaQ. What do you want to bring to our audience with Japan Festival?

A. I want people to find their favorite thing about Japan. At the festival, we strive to bring content surrounding everything from food, art, culture, history, music and pop culture. I definitely think that there is SOMETHING everyone is interested in, and this can be applied to everyday life here in Boston. We aren’t the only organization in Boston that is based on a growing interest in Japan- Events like Anime Boston, various shops, book stores, and Japanese restaurants. I want to see everyone in their favorite aspect of Japan at the festival- I look forward to seeing everyone at the event next year!

Enjoy!!! Have fun!!!

Q. Any last messages to our readers?

A. Please enjoy the event next year! Japan Festival Boston is the only Japan festival that is run by volunteers and members of the community. We work for a year leading up to the event, putting our skills and experiences together to bring you the best possible event! I’m looking forward to seeing your cosplay and J-fashion at the event!


Editor’s note

Yuki has lived in the U.S since she was 8 years old. We see a lot of Japanese people being distanced from Japanese culture and pop culture nowadays, but Yuki is different!! She dives head first into pop culture and keeps us all updated! She often says her Japanese isn’t perfect but I think that’s not true- Her Japanese is well thought out and well articulated, and we can’t thank her enough for her passion and dedication to the festival. This was a great opportunity to reflect on Japanese culture in general.


Don’t miss the cosplay events at the festival next year!!!!

Yumi. U

(translated by Kei)


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