January 16, 2016


We are all volunteers who carry ultimate passion to provide joyful experience to the audience and dream to carry on this tradition in Boston to many generations.


Kazuhiro Aotani
Director, Chairman
I am from: Shiga Prefecture
Profession: Restaurant Owner
Hobbies: Motorbike, Snowboarding, Hip-Hop Dance (Admiring Exile Jr)

I have been living in Boston for 30 years, and am very grateful for all that Boston has given me as I live here, studied here, and opened my own business here. Also grateful for the kind, welcoming community. Through this festival, I would like to share my fond feelings of the Japanese countryside I once felt with everyone attending the event.
Yashiro Etsuko
Director, Co-Chairman
I am from: Tokyo
Profession: Company Management, craftsman
Hobbies:Yacht, Skiing

I strongly believe we can aim to create a start of a peaceful world through sharing of culture.
Miho Owens
I am from: Aichi-ken
Profession: Company Employee
Hobbies: Flower Arrangement (If I have time)

As more members joined the Festival Committee team this year, I believe and am excited that we are able to achieve what we could not do before.
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Tsuyoshi Nishioka
Facilitator of Festival Meeting & Management, Food Booth Director
I am from: Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture
Profession: Yume Wo Katare
Hobbies: To talk about dreams, meet new and unique people.

My favorite mission of the Matsuri is "To bring the Community Together". From the Japanese community to Boston as a whole, I would like to create that environment where this is realized. My dream is for people from all over the world to experience the ideal world where everyone can laugh and come together in joy, realized in the Japan Festival Boston event day!
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Kevin Hiromoto
Stage Executive Manager
I am from: Shizuoka Prefecture
Profession: Self Employed
Hobbies: Teaching

Will help grow the Matsuri every year.
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Miyo Takahashi
Volunteer Manager
I am from: Tokyo
Profession: Showa Boston, Program Service/Manager
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Reading Books, Puzzles

Volunteers support the Japan Festival Boston! I would like to help shape the Matsuri that every volunteer can say, "It was so much fun! I would love to volunteer again next year." We're always accepting volunteers for the day-of and event planning, so please come join us!
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Noriyuki Yamamoto
Strategy Manager
I am from: Oosaka prefecture
Profession: Astellas Pharma
Hobbies: Traveling, Watching the Baseball Game!

I grew up in Kishiwada where the Danjiri Festival was held, and I have always liked festivals ever since. I would like to do my best to bridge the U.S. and Japanese culture through this festival.
Juilan Kan
Web, Print, Digital Market Manager
I am from: Hong Kong
Profession: Design Consultant
Hobbies:Hiking, Badminton, Pottery, Photography, Watching movies

Although the Boston Japan Festival is still an infant stage, it improves steadily every year and aims for a festival that everyone can enjoy.
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Michi Nagai
Stage MC
I am from: Nara
Profession:Recording, Narration, MC
Hobbies:Getting food on walks, Cooking, Calligraphy

Shall I say, never forget the beginner's heart. I hope that all of us are able able to create an event where all attendees can enjoy themselves with a wide smile, and say "Let's definitely come here again next year!" and of course, have fun myself as well!
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Kei Sasaki
Strategy, Crowdfunding, SNS Specialist
I am from: Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Raised in Boston
Profession: Student, Potter
Hobbies: Pottery

Leveraging last year's Matsuri experience, I would like to provide an even better Matsuri to everyone this year! And of course, excite the Matsuri through our original merchandise and SNS!
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Mariko (aka Ten-Ten)
Stage MC
I am from: Oosaka
Profession: Producer (Performing Arts, Non-Profit), but I am able to take on any job from Actress, Writer, etc!
Hobbies: Food Art, Latte Art

Let's have fun together!!
Akito Wakamatsu
Food Booth Organizer
I am from: Portland, Oregon
Profession: Suffolk University
Hobbies: Tennis, Touring

I would like to boost the excitement of Japan Festival from the Food Booth.
Yuki Kihara
Cosplay Event, Strategy, Merchandise, SNS, Stage Team
I am from: New Hampshire
Profession: Marketing
Hobbies: Crafts, Cosplay Sewing, etc

Will do my best to create a Matsuri that even one more person will smile and say "I'm glad I came!"
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