Thank you all for coming out and joining us at the festival. Hope you enjoyed it! We will see you next year.

11am to 6pm at Boston Common. 7 hours packed with Japan.

This year is anticipated to be the largest!

We had record-numbers of booths applied this year, coming from all around the globe! We carefully screened each vendors and made sure they provided/sold authentic Japanese-themed products and services.

What did you think of the festival? Fill out our survey and we will do our best improve it.

  • Regular booths

    Arts and crafts, games, authentic Japanese products, silent auctions and much more!

  • Food booths

    Snappy, Pabu, Yume Wo Katare, Santouka, Oga, Choya, Ittoku, Ogawa Coffee, Gogo Curry, Royce chocolate, Lady M and many more!!!

  • stage/performance

    This year we'll have TOKYO and KYOTO stages! Showa Boston, Kodokan, Move and Inspire, No/hugs, JLS kids, and many more!

  • Workshops and Cosplay deathmatch

    Experience Calligraphy, Chado, Origami, Omikoshi and much more! Don't miss the Cosplay deathmatch too!

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