Mark your calendar:
The 7th Japan Festival Boston: 4/29/2018.
The food festival: 4/28/2018.

Regular booth application

Deadline for regular booth application is 3/16. If you apply by/before 2/18, you will get $50 off. So hurry!

Also, we are sad to annouce that we are not accepting food booth application this year. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

Apply here

11 to 5 at Boston Common. 6 hours packed with Authentic Japanese fun.

What will be new this year: KIDS SECTION!

We had estimated 60,000 visitors last few years, coming from all around the globe! We carefully screen each vendors and make sure they provide authentic Japanese-themed products and services.

We value everyone's inputs and take them very seriously. After reviewing our missions and your suggestions, we will set up a section for families with little kiddos to enjoy the festival. So stay tuned for details!

Another exciting news is that we will have an exclusive food-only night on April 28th for you to enjoy! Details to come.

  • Regular booths

    Arts and crafts, games, authentic Japanese products, silent auctions and much more!

  • Food booths

    Snappy, Pabu, Yume Wo Katare, Santouka, Oga, Choya, Ittoku, Ogawa Coffee, Gogo Curry, Royce chocolate, Lady M and many more!!!

  • stage/performance

    Vibrant performance and music shows!

  • Workshops and Cosplay

    Experience Calligraphy, Chado, Origami, Omikoshi and much more! Don't miss the Cosplay deathmatch too!

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The team

Here are some of us who worked really hard to make this event successful
Kevin Hiromoto
Kevin Hiromoto
Stage Executive Manager
Akiko Ono
Akiko Ono
Miyo Takahashi
Miyo Takahashi
Volunteer Manager
Julian Kan
Julian Kan
PR, Design


We will get back to you shortly.